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The home of Alex Park Democratic School and Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community.

Changing the way education is done to promote children’s rights and freedom.

Promoting Spanish bilingual education in the early years.

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Our Vision

We are on a mission to developing a democratic community of learners where everybody’s opinion is valued and treated with equal respect. We create environments where children can learn at their own pace, following their own interests, able to explore their own feelings and ideas without the constrictions of external testing or the constant interruption of adults.

Situated in South Manchester, we are an innovative bilingual learning community where children learn both in English and Spanish.

We follow a Reggio Emilia based education, a world-wide recognised approach to learning that started almost 70 years ago in the Reggio Emilia region in the North of Italy. 

We are a unique small and friendly learning community where everyone recognises each other and feels personally valued.

Our Kindergarten is the perfect place for children to develop and grow their confidence.

We are a small independent school based in South Manchester. We opened in January 2015 as a flexi learning community for children who were being home schooled.

The atmosphere of the setting is relaxed, friendly and welcoming. Children’s opinions are treated with high regard and they are truly valued as individuals. Care routines are highly individualised. Children show remarkable confidence, they are self-assured and have extremely secure attachments with staff. 

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