Alex Park Democratic School

Alex Park Democratic School is a small learning community that offers quality primary education with a democratic ethos that underpins a commitment to a child centred approach. 

Creativity is at the heart of our work with the children. Our team brings together teachers and artists that encourage children to learn, explore and communicate.


Our children learn in mixed aged groups, which helps them to learn ahead of their natural academic year as they have access to a wider range of knowledge and skills and can enjoy peer to peer learning.

They are free to choose what they want to learn and how they want to do it by undertaking their own individual learning projects, having unlimited access to indoors and outdoors learning. They can also decide whether they want to take part or not in the maths, English and Science lessons.

Dr. Susana Lopez Penedo

Our children´s learning is fully tracked without the need for them to go through tests or exams.

We believe that children should be free to learn without the pressure of adults’ expectations.

Social, emotional and citizenship values are core to our curriculum that provides individualised teaching and learning by placing a great emphasis on social and emotional education as a basis for great academic success. 

Our children learn a wide range of skills that will help them become confident individuals and capable learners, not just while they are with us but when they move on to secondary education. Communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking, team work, empathy and respect are lifelong skills that underpin every aspect of life in our learning community.


Partnership with parents is an essential pillar to what we do.

When parents commit to the ethos of Alex Park Democratic School, children in turn commit to the community and learning together.

We encourage and positively welcome parents into the school, we are a children’s community, everything we do centres around the children and their interests and what’s important to them and parents are an integral part of that!

We offer flexi-schooling as we recognise that children learn in many different environments. 


We offer a learning platform which both children and parents can remotely have access to share, to discuss, and to comment about things that interest them.

Partnership with parents works in many ways.

We welcome parents in to share their skills whether it be teaching the children songs or meditating or dancing.  

We encourage parents to volunteer, that could be serving in the pop-up Black Cat Café at the annual Winter Fair WaterAid fundraising event, planting bulbs in the garden, watering plants…