Early Years

Alexandra Park Children's Learning Community

We are a democratic and bilingual early year learning community where children learn both in English and Spanish. We provide an alternative and flexible education for children from 3 months to 5 years of age. 

We follow the Reggio Emilia approach, a world-wide recognised approach to learning that started almost 70 years ago in the Reggio Emilia region in the North of Italy and has spread to early years settings all around the world.

We are a unique small and friendly learning community where everyone recognises each other, and feels personally valued, with a cohesive, relaxed feel, like a large, extended family.

Our team of qualified early years practitioners and artists engages with each child as an individual. Children are supported to learn at their own pace and in their own ways.

Understanding Children

We take children’s views and feelings seriously and understand that they are fundamental to their well-being and their ability to learn. We believe that all children, including babies, can express themselves in many ways.

We use art as a means to unlock the children´s potential to communicate in many different languages, whether it is through painting, music, drama, sculpture, dance….

Our artists work with children and practitioners to promote a creative environment where children´s imagination and ideas can thrive.

Democracy is at the heart of our ethos, so children are actively involved in all major decision making that is relevant and meaningful to them, especially in relation to their learning, their environment and their relationships.

Our children are free to enjoy their time inside or outdoors during the whole day and we also use Alexandra Park regularly which is less than a minutes’ walk away. 


Build confidence in your child to bring out the best in them


Social skills and interaction feeds the child’s awareness


Develop multiple skills to help your child’s long term education

Democratic education

Through Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community, we want to provide the kind of flexible, democratic, creative and bilingual education to children in Manchester that we envisage for our own children. 

An education relevant to the 21st Century, that empowers children and encourages them to think outside the box.

An education that puts an emphasis on collaboration and co-operation. 

An education that respects and celebrates children’s individual talents, skills and differences that, when placed together, form a unique collage of creative future leaders and thinkers.