Our Vision

We believe that another education is possible. Children are citizens from the moment they are born, they have rights and are able to learn about responsibilities. Children should be free to learn what they are interested in, in the way that it is best for their abilities and as part of a community of children and adults who are happy to explore the world together.

We make it happen

Freedom to learn

Our vision is to promote an education based on the interests of the children. Learning experiences that allow children’s freedom. Freedom to learn, freedom to move, freedom to choose, freedom to be themselves.

We call this Democratic Education. We believe that children and adults can work together to build learning communities where everybody can take part in the decision making processes in their school or early years setting.


Build confidence in your child to bring out the best in them


Social skills and interaction feeds the child’s awareness


Develop multiple skills to help your child’s long term education

We turn our vision into a reality through our early years setting, Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community. Democracy happens there every day and children grow free to learn and to be themselves.

We want to share our experiences and knowledge with other settings and practitioners through our


training courses, workshops, bespoke consultancy and open days.

We want to spread the word and help more settings and schools to walk down the path of freedom and democracy. Because another education is already here.