Parent Comments

 “Tuesday playgroup is really fun. It’s a nice safe environment where we have made new friends. There are lots of interesting toys and craft thing to play and learn with. It will be a shame when M is too old as we will really miss this group.”


“We can’t rate this nursery highly enough; the staff are wonderful and the creative activities they organise for the babies are lovely”


The gentle, child-centred approach in combination with highly-qualified and dedicated staff. For instance, they don’t move children between rooms as soon as they reach age X but wait until the individual child is ready and make the ratios work around that. At least one teacher per room usually moves up to the next room with a group of children each Sept to make sure they have a familiar face around. Having a mix of qualified teachers and artists around means the children have a huge amount of freedom to play and explore, so learning happens without them realising it. If a child wants to ask questions about the chickens when everyone else is drawing sea creatures, that’s okay and even encouraged. If a child wants to make mud pies outside rather than sing songs in Spanish, that’s fine too.” 


“As you might know A left nursery a few weeks ago. As a family we have had 3 years with you, so it feels like a big change for us. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything that you and your team do. A’s team in preschool have been truly amazing. A took some time to settle and Conchi (her key worker) in particular worked so hard to make sure she felt comfortable and confident. She has made so much personal development since starting with you and is now so independent and confident with adults and her peers. R also thrived with you and has done really well in her first year at school. Both Carlos and I really appreciate everything you do and all the hard work of your team. Thanks so much.”



“G is growing up into a curious, clever, energetic and vivacious little boy and his last 3 years at Alex Park has been instrumental in that development. I think all schools should be run like Alex Park and we’d have happier, healthier children all round. We are so grateful that G and E both had an opportunity to have their early development shaped by Alex Park. We can’t thank you enough.” 


 “Elena was 1 years old when she joined Alexandra Park Learning Community Nursery! 2.5 incredible years later it’s time for her to say goodbye. We couldn’t have chosen a better place for her to make her first steps into the world. We are grateful for the environment you have all contributed to create, with such professionalism, warmth, creativity and love. We have genuinely felt how each and every one of you truly care. Please know that Elena will always carry with her the influence you all have had on her, individually and jointly, during her first formative years. And for this we thank you from the bottom of our heart!”

You will be deeply missed!

To an outstanding Children’s Learning Community and to the most inspirational and loving staff.