Parent Partnership

We welcome parents in to share their skills whether it be teaching the children songs or meditating or dancing.  

We encourage parents to volunteer, that could be serving in the pop-up Black Cat Café at the annual Winter Fair WaterAid fundraising event, planting bulbs in the garden, watering plants…   

Because we offer flexi schooling and we recognise that children learn in many different environments, we offer a learning platform which both children and parents can remotely have access to share, to discuss, and to comment about things that interest them.


Putting families at the heart of our learning community

Volunteering with us

We welcome parents to come and work with us to develop the community, either by looking after the garden and outdoors areas, looking after the chickens on the weekends or sharing their skills and knowledge with the children and teachers. 


Build confidence in your child to bring out the best in them


Social skills and interaction feeds the child’s awareness


Develop multiple skills to help your child’s long term education

Partners with our educators

We also believe that children benefit the most when parents and staff work together in partnership to ensure quality care and learning for their children.

Our team welcomes parents as partners and this relationship needs to be built on trust and understanding. It is important that we, as educators, are able to support parents in an open and sensitive manner a two-way sharing information system is key to this.