Small School

Alex Park Democratic School

We are a small independent school based in South Manchester. We opened in January 2015 as a flexi learning community for children who were being home schooled.

Four years later we are now offering 25 full time places in our democratic school, children aged 5-11 can come full time or part time with a minimum of three days a week. The school day starts at 9:00am and finishes at 3:30pm.

Our particular image of the child is what guides us in our interactions with all our children:

we see them as creative and inquisitive people; critical thinkers, free,
confident and independent individuals.

Because we are so small, we are a like a family, we have one large classroom that is shared by all the children.

Children are taught in small age appropriate groups and sometimes as a whole class depending on what they are doing.

Each individual child also designs and follows their own project, that could be on space, marketing or special effects makeup, whatever the child’s interests may be.

Everyday there is a common project that the children follow that all the children agree and vote on, past projects have included raising money for charity, a conservation project, sports, drama and many more.

Below is our current timetable, this is subject to change!


To choose what to learn and how to learn


To act on our own choices


To meet our promises to ourselves and others

Order of the Day

Order of the Day:

9:00 – Children arrive
9:10am – Day agreement 

9:30am – Maths, English and Personal projects

12:30pm – Lunchtime

1:15pm – Cleaning routines

1:30 – Science club

2:00 – Common project

2:45 – Spanish club

3:15 – Brief of the day

3:30 – End of the day