Collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan university

MMU invited us to be involved with their project (Star Lab). As part of MMU’s EdLab department they developed a space/environment. Their mission was to see how educational explorations could be explored using the Star Lab and to see how children of different ages responded to it.

They created a large inflatable globe with a 360° projector inside showing star correlations and zodiac signs. We wanted all of our children to go through this experience, we used resources as points of exploration in coherence with the Star Lab.

Three Education students were also part of the project and had the opportunity to learn about our approach to education. 

Star Lab (MMU project)

The children had different reactions to approaching the Star Lab, some children were very excited to go inside, some were wary in their approach to the globe. As soon as the children went inside and heard the ethereal sounds and saw the atmospheric lights and darkness. They were excited, making noises and screams, responding to the overwhelming sensory experience. It was a great opportunity to give the children a unique and interesting experience as well as collaborating ideas with Manchester Metropolitan University.