The third teacher

What is around us and what does it look like?

Following the Reggio approach allows us to question and evaluate space. We think of our setting as a whole learning experience and somewhere where we can create environments and points of interest for the children to explore freely.

Creating an environment where children can learn at their own pace, following their own interests able to explore their feelings, their ideas without the constrictions of external testing or the constant interruption of adults.

Understanding Children

We take children’s views and feelings seriously and understand that they are fundamental to their well-being and their ability to learn.

We believe that all children, including babies, can express themselves in many ways.


We use art as a means to unlock the children´s potential to communicate in many different languages, whether it is through painting, music, drama, sculpture, dance….

Our artists work with children and practitioners to promote a creative environment where children´s imagination and ideas can thrive.


Build confidence in your child to bring out the best in them


Social skills and interaction feeds the child’s awareness


Develop multiple skills to help your child’s long term education

We rearrange the furniture, lighting and soft divisions regularly to reflect the Line of Enquiry so that the space could be used in a different and more effective way. 

The environments created strive to intrigue and tantalise the children in an enriching and legitimate way, to help to improve and enhance the day to day children’s learning experiences.

We use the garden as the third teacher for our children. Using the outside spaces around our setting, the entrance, the gardens and the allotment to inspire and educate our children.